Design Ethics & Universal Design

A lecture on design ethics, form & function, and the psychology of attention.

The Theory & Practice of Visualizing Data

Graduate course for the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Click for Syllabus.

Data Visualization: The Why, When, and How of Effectively Communicating Data at MIT

Seminar for MIT's Inter-activity Period, co-taught with Junjay Tan

Navigation & Flow at the Startup Institute

 Image © Alan Fletcher 2013

Image © Alan Fletcher 2013

A full-day course on information architecture, site-mapping and user journeys.

Data Visualization at the Startup Institute

Crash course at the Startup Institute in Boston.

Prototyping at Bentley University

Guest-Lecture for students in the Masters in Human Factors program

User Experience at the Startup Institute

 From Norman's Design of Everday Things

From Norman's Design of Everday Things

A full-day course on UX and User-Centered Design.