Tamr Unify

I currently lead design at Tamr, an MIT-born data science startup founded by Andy PalmerIhab Ilyas and Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker. Tamr’s core offering—Unify—combines machine learning and expert-sourcing to automate most of the work of integrating big data.

Empirical Systems

I worked with Richard Tibbetts as an advisor to Empirical Systems, designing their statistical analysis software.

Tableau Software has announced the acquisition of Empirical Systems, a company spun out of MIT in 2016. The company had originated in the MIT Probabilistic Computing Project, where they seek to build “a new generation of probabilistic computing systems that integrate probability and randomness into the basic building blocks of software and hardware.”
— https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidteich/2018/06/19/tableau-acquires-mit-spinoff-empirical-systems/#b14c6c62c01b

Praetorian Diana

I worked with Nathan Sportsman of Praetorian to help design the company's crowdsourcing platform, Diana, which offers bug hunters variable bounties for vulnerabilities identified.

It’s very rare to have the chance to work with someone who embodies the spirit of perfection. The quality of the deliverables, the reliability of the professional, and the friendliness of the individual all made it an absolute pleasure to work with Gideon. You’ve nailed what extraordinary work looks like. We’ve been so completely blown away with everything about our experience that Gideon will always have an open and non-expiring offer from Praetorian. If you decide to enter the job market, call us. Seriously. If you ever need a client reference, you got it. Unlimited requests. We are very lucky to have worked with you.
— Nathan Sportsman (Founder, CEO & CTO of Praetorian)

Tamr DataHub

I led the mobile-first design of Tamr's DataHub to help data suppliers, preparers and consumers easily access their various entity types (e.g., customers, suppliers, products).

Tamr Catalog

I served as lead designer (working with Ben Fry of Fathom) and product manager for Catalog Beta, taking the product from concept to market.

 I was interviewed to discuss Catalog and "dark data" by Professor Roberto Zicari of ODBMS.org.

The Department of Veterans Affairs

I served as UX consultant in developing a prototype for the Department of Veterans Affairs that offers a visualization of 20K healthcare facilities across the country.


I designed and developed SpaceTimer as a free, conceptual iOS app that reimagines a handful of timers & stopwatches. It's fast thanks to a novel swiping gesture for setting and disposing clocks and the use of space as a mnemonic device, eliminating the need to type labels.

Download SpaceTimer.


I designed and developed ThoughtLog as a free, conceptual macOS app for the (re)collection of spontaneous thought. It eschews notes, titles, tags & folders. Inspired by Notational Velocity, it offers a very low interaction cost. Rather than placing your thoughts in a document, it places them in a collection that it automatically separates, sorts, filters and time-stamps, while ever-resetting the point of insertion.

Download ThoughtLog.


I designed and developed Char as a conceptual text-editor/engine with a scriptable, physics-enabled, Zoomable User-Interface (ZUI). I completed this work for my Masters in questioning the ubiquitous conventions of text manipulation, taking inspiration from ideas in distributed cognition and the role of causality in interface-design.


I co-created TurkGate, or Grouping and Access Tools for External surveys (for use with Amazon Mechanical Turk), with Adam Darlow during my PhD at Brown. TurkGate is for researchers that recruit through Mechanical Turk but run their studies on other sites. It provides better control and verification of Mechanical Turk workers' access to an external site. TurkGate was created for the purpose of conducting psychological experiments. As such, it provides easy-to-use, research-oriented features not included with Amazon Mechanical Turk.


I co-founded DataScale consulting with Justin DeBrabant to help organizations improve their UX and systems for large scale data management, analysis and visualization.

Sally Mann

I worked with photographer Sally Mann on her portfolio.

Per Second Press

I designed the Per Second Press website with Vi Khi Nao, receiver of the John Hawkes and Feldman Prizes in Fiction and the Kim Ann Arstark memorial Award in poetry.